S.USV advanced

74,00 exkl. MwSt.

For professional applications:

The module is a fully functional Plug & Play solution. The implemented monitoring system performs a continuous review of all relevant performance data in order to safely shut down the systems in the event of misconduct and thus prevent data loss. Due to the detailed evaluation of the collected data, the system can be operated in a highly efficient and energy-saving manner. EcoSmart® – Energy Efficient: Energy-saving and environmentally friendly power supply through high efficiency over the entire load range and intelligent power management systems.

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The S.USV advanced from our company is an intelligent energy management module with UPS function for all single-board computers and embedded systems. In addition, the module also provides additional functions and measurement systems to meet professional requirements and high specifications. Especially for mobile and portable applications in the outdoor area, the modules can also be operated purely via battery. State-of-the-art accumulators of the latest technology are used for this purpose.
Not all applications require that the single-board computers and embedded systems are permanently in operation and therefore benefit from modern low-power strategies – so the systems can be switched to sleep and low power mode to save energy and can only be started and operated when needed or at fixed operating times.

Save energy, costs and maintenance – energy-saving and mobile supply with the S.USV advanced variants!


A small section of various functionalities.

  • 7-24 Volts
  • I2C, GPIO
  • Monitoring system
  • Battery Management
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Real Time Clock
  • Supply Switch
  • freely configurable

Technical data sheet